Free Webinar - Discover Lifespan Integration® Therapy!

Lifespan Integration® therapy is based on the chronological alignment of the client’s own memories and on multiple repetitions of his timeline from past to present. This leads to gentle discharges and subcortical appeasement, allowing the hippocampus and thalamus to be functional again. A clear shift happens to the person’s embodied perception of time flow: “the traumatic events are over”.

LI allows easy access to preverbal and prenatal trauma; it can lead from dysfunctional attachment to learned secure attachment and it also allows to treat amnesic episodes. Dr Nuri Gené-Cos speaks about LI Therapy. Read more about LI.


This free webinar offers insights into: 

  • LI for adults, children, families and couples
  • The evolution of LI
  • The psychobiological model of LI
  • The variations of the Timeline (so called protocols)
  • The dynamic adaptation to the client’s profile
  • Working with the client’s protective defences
  • Example of COVID PTSD treatment
  • A video demonstration
  • Time for questions
  •  Links& conditions for attending upcoming trainings in the UK

Date:  September 26th

Time: 10h00 am – 12h00 pm UK Time

Location: Zoom, online (Zoom is now fully encoded end-to-end).

A week before the webinar, you will receive the link to the Zoom meeting room which you can share with your colleagues as well as the pdf version of the slides.

Cost: free

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