Appointments for Therapists: LI Supervision And LI Self-Experience

As a certified LI Trainer, I am offering LI personal therapy, as well as individual and group supervision, to therapists having  attended at least the first LI training, in order to help to a deeper understanding of LI .These sessions will take place as  online video conferences using  Zoom. You can book them here. A webcam and sufficiently fast internet connection are needed to take part.

online booking for individual and group supervision

Individual Supervision

Appointments for individual supervision are available for LI Therapists of all levels. All online sessions use the teleconferencing software Zoom (no costs for you).  You can book your appointment here:

Please note: all time data displayed in the appointments are MEZ/CET

LI therapy sessions

For appointments for LI personal therapy sessions use our contact form:

Existing bookings: check or modify

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